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it seems that wherever i turn this week i see tounge piercings everywhere, wtf. and to be honest i’ve been thinking about getting one. what do you guys think? should a barbie have a tounge piercing? ;) and is it difficult or annoying to have one? whats it like to kiss and suck dick with it? i need to know all the goods and the bads before i do it, haha..

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  1. beautifulgirsaroundtheworld answered: i hope to receive soon a submission from u!
  2. mythicalwings answered: It won’t let me type a lot here so Ima keep it short. It’s super fun to play with ii dont regret mine at all the only sucks when its healing
  3. cleverlyginger answered: I got one back in 1998 .. I didnt notice any difference having it once it healed. I guess maybe they are making a come back !?
  4. fko20213 answered: Overrated. They suck, don’t get one.
  5. vanilla-is-my-god answered: Actually,ı wanna have a tongue piercing but ım not major.it’s so sexy and it makes a girl really so hot. I think you should have one of them
  6. adelmaiden answered: i wouldn’t mind seeing a barbie with a tongue piercing…it kind of ads a twist but you have to be careful not to swallow it.it does happen :
  7. blazedbarebackbarbie answered: They’re great! Get one! They heal fast, u lisp a little while it heals up which is cute. guys lvoe it. girls love it:)
  8. ellenish answered: you don’t notice it after a while, it made me feel more confident, makes dick sucking better (apparently).. you should definitely get it!
  9. diariesofaslut answered: not difficult or annoying. I honestly forget I have mine in. Kissing is the same and sucking dick is too. unless you have a vibrating one in.
  10. bandages answered: i love my tongue piercing. just be aware of the swelling that comes with it. i couldn’t talk for three days. lots of pain killers too
  11. blind-0range answered: get one :D and if you dont like it, just take it out
  12. irefusetofallforyou answered: I have my tongue pierced it’s certainly an experience!
  13. hazydazee said: I have two tongue piercings and I absolutely love them. I’d get them again in a heartbeat. Go for it. Kissing is no different and sucking dick is a bit more exciting
  14. mariavictorialarsen said: + ive heard they should be good at blowjobs - kissing idk :)
  15. mariavictorialarsen answered: i love them. but myself i would never dare because of the pain, or maybe i dont like tongues, since i have like 9 piercings in my ears, lol.
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