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I will not rest until I look like this.

Uh except she’s gross and you’re hot so I guess it’s time to rest lol

I just think she dresses WAY WAY WAY too over the top. like we get it. You want to be barbie. Too bad that’s impossible, you just look like a $2 whore. I just dont get the point of dressing like that, especially since shes married to that guy.

The point of dressing like that is…

…are you ready for it?

Here it comes…

She likes to!

Whoa are you shocked and stunned and baffled? I know that was a seriously incredible revelation.

she is not gross and she does not look like a $2 hooker. i must say she deserves A LOT of respect for standing up for herfelf and refusing to change her style just to please all these millions of dried up cunts who are hating her. you should all grow up and leave her alone. haters/bullies are always miserable with their own lives anyway :)

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